Debugging Adobe AIR Applications with Aptana Studio

February 11, 2009

Aptana’s AIR plugin is providing (almost) full debugging support for Adobe AIR.

I consider any platform production-ready when you have an IDE with full debugging support available for it. The simple reason is that being able to debug code using breakpoints and step-by-step execution makes me at least 10 times faster (rough estimate) in finding bugs or understanding someone else’s code. This is a significant difference, because it means I am either able to find and fix a bug, including writing a test for it in half an hour with a debugger versus a whole day without it.

Adobe AIR is an appealing environment for cross-platform application development, especially for a web-focused developer like me. Aptana recently released an Adobe AIR plugin for their Studio product that allows full debugging of JavaScript right from within the IDE. From a productivity-focused developer perspective, this makes AIR now an option.

Their are still a few bugs in the plugin (it’s “beta”). I am sure they will be fixed soon; one bug I filed with Aptana’s issue tracker got attention within minutes.

UPDATE: The one bug I had encountered was already fixed in their latest beta. Yeah!


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